COMM 101

Websites of the Week

January 9 –

This idea of QR Code Personal Branding is so new and interesting.  After reading that article, I can already see the potential that these QR Codes have for not just advertising, but advertising yourself to potential employers. This day and age is becoming so technologically focused, so I think that it’s important to keep us with the times. The top five things that I learned from this website that will help me succeed are: (1) I learned how to stick out to potential employers; (2) It taught me how to connect to like-minded people if I attach a QR code through my “about me” page on my blog. (3) I learned that I could create my own QR code; (4) I learned that you could be creative on your business cards and resumes; (5) Print Advertisements are a good place to use QR codes.

January 16 –

Looking at this website helped me realize the importance of catching your audience’s interest. While some of the pictures looked cool, the headlines were relatively bland. This applies to my future career (as a web designer/blogger) in many ways, but I will focus on five things that I gained from viewing this website: (1) Grab the audience’s attention as soon as they enter your site; (2) Make your website visibly pleasing, and not too cluttered; (3) Use varying, complimentary fonts to catch the eye; (4) Use interesting headlines to get the audience’s attention; (5) Don’t overwhelm the reader with posts.

January 23 –

This was one of my favorite websites. The design was very clean and visually appearing. I loved the idea of having the focal point of your home page be a large picture; it looked really good on the website. The five things I gained from this website that will help me in my career are: (1) use a large photo on your homepage (a large photo will grab the attention of the reader) (2) make your design clean; (3) Less is more (when it comes to things cluttering up your home page) (4) Choose to the point, precise headlines (5) Choose interesting, beautiful pictures to display.

January 30 – Websites:







I really enjoyed navigating these websites and looking at such beautiful pictures. I learned: (1) The best photographs are the ones that have a lot of character; (2) If you take pictures of things that you love, your personality is more likely to show through; (3) If a website is beautifully designed, the reader is more likely to stay on that website (i.e. I stayed on the heybrittany website because it was so visually appealing.); (4) There’s a lot of competitions through the Photographics society; (5) There are all sorts of classes you can take from experts from the Photoshop World conference; (5) Every Semester some Comm. 300 students take a field trip to Bannock Ghost Town.

February 6 –

While this website is not the most attractive website out there, it has very specific instructions and very valid information.  The things that I learned from this website that will help me in my future career: (1) Be professional;  (2) Make yourself indispensible; (3) Be prepared for any question; (4) Organize your information; (5) Always display your best side.

February 13 –

I think that this website has a lot to do with what I will need to do as a communications major. This website is a site for an organization that helps you network and meet others that share your interest for public relations. This website reminded me of the importance of: (1) Networking (2) Find something that you’re interested it, and fully invest yourself; (3) Grow as a specialist in your field, and as a person by trying out for leadership positions in organizations; (4) Help and strengthen others around you; (5) Learn as much as you can, never stop learning!

February 20 –

I felt that, while this website is useful to me as a Communications major, it is not designed very well. After reading through this website, I learned: (1) That the design of a website is important; (2) Even if you are presenting useful information, your website needs to be visually pleasing to keep readers attention; (4) Many big companies (i.e. Walt Disney) are members of the AAF; (5) If you are an advertising major, you should find ways to get involved in groups like the AAF.

February 27 –

This website is very relevant to what I will be dealing with, not just as a communications major, but also as a human being. These lessons that I was reminded of when I looked through this website was: (1) The importance of writing everything down; (2) the importance of sticking to a plan; (3) the importance of organization; (4) I learned which classes I needed to complete in order to graduate; (5) I learned the importance of patience, and how to work the grad plan website.

March 6 –

 When looking through this website, I learned/was reminded of multiple things: (1) the importance of time, as it relates to deadlines (especially in pretty much any communication field, deadlines are of the utmost importance); (2) it is important to consider what time zone you’re in, sometimes, you may have to submit things hours early because of different time zones; (3) There was too much on display on the home page, less is more! (4) I didn’t know how many time zones there were in the world, this will be useful as a Comm. major; (5) It’s important to appreciate all different kinds of cultures around the world because I’m going to be in the public eye and I need to be respectful.

March 13 –

I really liked how this website was set up, it was aesthetically pleasing. The five things I learned from this website was: (1) It is of the utmost important to stay on top of dates; (2) Deadlines are especially important in my major; (3) Because we go to BYUI (as stated on this website) we should be trying to create an environment that encourages growth (spiritually, personally, and professionally); (4) There are competitions you can compete in (i.e. Idea Pitch Competition); (5) 2014 Experience Europe is open to my major, it would be awesome to gain experience and memories there that would affect my life and major.

March 27 –  

This website was very easy to navigate through, and I learned some things while looking! I learned: (1) That there are many beautiful free templates to download; (2) Microsoft Office can link with all your electronic devices; (3) There are seven different types of Office applications; (4) There are different Microsoft Office types for different types of businesses; (5) Different Office products are available in different countries.


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