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Project 1 Flier

Carissa Buys InDesign Flier2



Simplistic black and white flier to promote Vouant Communications’ upcoming Graduate Leadership Conference.



I used the FOCUS design process to guide my flier creation process. I formulated my design by determining the message I wanted to convey and the audience I wanted to reach. I then drew four separate sketches based off of the message and target audience. I then used Adobe InDesign to make one of my sketches come to life. I organized the space by using different sized boxes and I used the principle of alignment to place the boxes where they would be aesthetically pleasing. I added contrast to the design by using differing colors in my design. I added value by using contrasting font sizes so that different parts of the flier would catch the attention of the audience. I repeated the element of the square boxes and put them in places that would create a positive rhythm throughout the design. I then had my design evaluated by two different people who analyzed my design and offered suggestions how to make it more effective. I applied their suggestions and added more consistent alignment to my design.



The main message of this flier is to get students’ attention and invite them to sign up for the Graduate Leadership Conference.



The audience of this flier was the graduating senior class.


Top Thing Learned:

The main thing I learned was how to properly use Adobe InDesign. It was challenging at first, and was extremely time consuming. As I continue to use it, I discovered that I was gaining a feel for it and able to apply my ideas effectively.


Title Font Name & Category:

I used two different fonts for the title:

Garamond Apple – Serif – Modern

Lemon/Milk – Sans serif


Copy Font Name & Category:

I used two different fonts for the copy:

Garamond Apple – Serif – Modern

Lemon/Milk – Sans serif


Links to images used in this project:





4 thoughts on “Project 1 Flier

  1. I love your use of space. Everything is so evenly spread out, yet there is still plenty of white space. I don’t always like the look of having the dark shadow boxes on these fliers, but I think you did a good job with it. I also like your clean fonts to match and where you placed the logo. Here is another flier from our section that I also think had a nice balance of light and dark on their flier:

  2. Hello!
    I loved your flier! I really like how stylish and modern it looks.
    I really liked the combination of fonts you used, I think they work awesome together.
    The way you aligned the elements it’s also really nice; the use of negative space gives the flier an elegant look.

    I loved the contrast on your flier just as much as I loved the one in this project:
    Hopefully you can check it out!

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