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Project 2 Event Ad

PENGUIN GALA-page-001Description:

An advertisement for The Dallas Zoo’s Penguin House Gala

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):

For this advertisement, I used only Microsoft Word 2011. It was difficult but really helped me understand how to work on unfamiliar programs. I worked hard to get everything to align. I chose the message (Penguin House Gala) and made it appealing to my audience. I sketched four designs, but my design ended up looking like a mixture of the four. I put the text in close proximity and made them flow with the rhythm of the photo. I chose a split complementary color scheme. I had my design evaluated twice, and I eliminated the negative aspects of the design according to my evaluator’s suggestions.


Help raise money for the Dallas Zoo’s Penguin House


Upper-class Dallas citizens

Color scheme and color names:

Split Complementary color scheme

I used brick, gold and blue

Top Thing Learned:

How to use Microsoft Word effectively

Title Font Name & Category:

Market Deco – Sans serif

Copy Font Name & Category:

Code Light – Sans Serif

Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used:


National Wildlife

8 x 11.5

Mac Lab in the Library


3 thoughts on “Project 2 Event Ad

  1. Carissa, this is awesome! I love the color scheme that you used, it really pulls it all together! The font choice for the title was great, however, you could have used a font with serifs, just the have a bit more contrast. My link back is my user name.

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