Visual Media

P3 Activity: Photography

Light 1: Outside
Light 2: Inside
Focus 1: Foreground
Focus 2: Background
Composition 1: Thirds
Composition 2: Lead Room

This project was an eye-opening one for me. It was more difficult than I anticipated. I noticed that it got easier as I went along. It was fun to be able to express my creativity.

For all my photos (except for the inside light photo) I went to the gardens on campus. For my outside light photo, I took a picture of a tree. The sky was overcast all day which made it difficult to get a picture of the sky. It looks like I didn’t get the sky in the photo, but that was what the sky looked like! For my inside light photo, I took a picture of my Star Wars notebook. I had a lot of fun using photoshop on this one. I used the selective colors to make the bright colors stand out more.

The focus pictures were harder than I thought they were going to be, but it definitely is a cool effect. I liked taking the two composition shots, because I was able to find some cool textures. For the rule of thirds picture, I was able to line up the knot on the tree on the grid. And for the lead room picture, I like how the focus is on the icicle and the background just softly fades. All in all, it was an interesting project to try.


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