Visual Media

Project 4 Montage


Free TransformDescription:

An uplifting spiritual montage design  created in Adobe Photoshop by blending three images .

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing):

I chose to do my design on mental illness. I wanted to find a picture of a person drowning, a night sky photo, and a hand reaching down to make up the whole design. After finding my photos, I edited them individually in Adobe Photoshop adjusting the levels, sharpening them, adding vibrance and selective color. On the photo of the hands, I used the brush tool to create the scar and I used the blur tool on the veins so they wouldn’t look so gross. I added a blue hue to the hand so it would look like it was underwater. I then added a gaussian blur so that it would like like it was underwater. To the night sky photo, I added a dark blue hue so that I could blend it seamlessly with my water design. I then added a mask to the sky photo and used the brush tool to erase some parts of the photo to blend it into the water and bubbles. I added my quote above the swimmers’ head in a font called Dry brush. I asked for some critiques and adjusted the blue colors, sharpened the hand and changed the font. I also rotated each individual word so that it would go along with the curve in the hand.


With a mental illness, it is easy to feel alone, overwhelmed and misunderstood. Often the things that you struggle with aren’t always apparent to others. You may  feel completely alone but the Savior is always there, His arms outstretched, with His perfect love. He cares about everyone, and He will do anything to help.


People who struggle with mental illnesses

Top Thing Learned:

I learned how to use masks in Adobe Photoshop and how to effectively blend photos together.

Filter / Colorization used and where it was applied:

I added a blue hue to the space sky photo to make it blend better. I also added a scar to the hands photo along with a blue hue.

Color scheme and color names:

Monochromatic Blue

Title Font Name & Category:

Pennelino – Script

Letter Gothic Std – Sans Serif – 14pt

Copy Font Name & Category:


Thumbnails of Images used:


Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):



Amanda Tinney


3 thoughts on “Project 4 Montage

  1. Carissa, your design looks amazing! I love what you did with putting the text like its following the hand, looks great. I also like the color you went with, It complements your message really well. You must have spent a long time on this design because it looks awesome. You also did a great just fading the other images, they blend in really well. If you have some time check out my friend Megan’s project.

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