Visual Media

P6 Stationery

Business Card (8.5 x 11 Layout)
Business Card (Large Layout)


Matching letterhead and business card design from a personal logo.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

I first created the trees in Adobe Illustrator by drawing triangles and grouping them together in the shape of trees. I then filled them with differing shades of green. I created a clipping mask and attached it to my little forest. I added the text, making sure everything was centered. I adjusted the color balance changing the trees to differing shades of blue instead of green. Once my logo was created, I created a new two page InDesign document and placed my logo into the top left color.

I then copied and pasted the bear into the bottom, and changed his opacity to 16%. I created three lines, using the three main colors of the color scheme (blue, brick and gold.) I added a text box into the top right corner, adding all of my contact information.

In the second page of my InDesign Document, I created two 3.5 in x 2 in rectangles. I then pasted my logo one of the boxes. In the other box, I took the text from the logo and put it in the top left corner. I copied and pasted the three lines from the letter head and put them underneath the text. I pasted the bear into the right corner and added my contact information into the bottom left corner.


Nomad Adventure Company is a travel company which organizes trips around the world to see the beauty in nature around us. The blue trees in the logo give the design a clean, cohesive feel.


Anyone who would like an adventure and to travel the world; or anyone who is interested in working for Nomad Adventure Company.

Top Thing Learned:

How to create a brand with both a letterhead and a business card design.

Color scheme and color names:

Split Complementary – Blue, Brick and Gold

Title Font Name & Category:

Roboto Light – Sans Serif

Copy Font Name & Category:

Roboto Thin – Sans Serif


3 thoughts on “P6 Stationery

  1. I love the abstract way you went about creating the bear in your letterhead. It definitely stands out and gives you an edge if you were really using this to sell to a company. The warm colors that you used comforted me and made me excited to check out this adventure company, but also made me feel safe. I feel that the way you did the project would appeal to the masses. You didn’t just do well on your project; but overall you seem like a very creative and well put together individual; Your word press page is phenomenal overall. Very well done!

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