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Past Photos



Hello everybody! I’m Carissa Buys and I am from McKinney Texas (a suburb of Dallas). This is currently my fourth semester here at BYU-Idaho and I am studying Communications with an emphasis in Visual Communication.

I’ve been interested in photography forever, but I took some classes in high school where I learned how to use a DSLR and Adobe Photoshop. During high school, I was on the school newspaper team as a photographer. Because I’m from Texas, most of the photographs I took were at the weekly football games.


Past Photos

I have no idea where my old photos are saved, so here are some that I took last semester in Comm 130 (Visual Media). In the first four pictures, I didn’t do a lot of editing. I sharpened, fixed the levels, used the selective color adjustment and curves adjustment. On the last picture (of the dog) I used the previous tools I listed and I also used the clone stamp/spot healing brush to remove the leash and take out an ugly branch.






nutmeg (1 of 1)nutmeg4 (1 of 1)prancie4 (1 of 1)


2 thoughts on “Past Photos

  1. Hi Carissa! I love the picture of your husky in the snow, so pretty. I love that you are use the rule of thirds in your photos. Looking forward to seeing what else you do this semester.

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