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I wanted to create a photobook design with winter theme. The color scheme I chose helps give the design a cozy feel. The images I used are not my own, and I am including the links for where I got each photo (1st photo2nd photo3rd Photo4th photo, and 5th photo). I edited all of the images in Adobe Photoshop, and used the selective colors adjustment tool to make the images look consistent. I created the background spread image in Photoshop by placing the first image twice side by side, and editing out the wolf using the “Content-Aware Move Tool.” I then added the burgundy rectangles, changing the opacity on each of them. After that, I added the title, subtitle, text and my logo.


8 thoughts on “Photobook Design

  1. Carissa,

    Wow! I really love your layout of the cover that you created. I feel like the colors go really well with the photographs you’ve used. Your design was the first to catch my eye. Are you planning on sticking with the wildlife theme for this semester?


  2. This turned out so well!! The contrast of the maroon or whatever color that is, to the animals and plants is really pretty. Not critique, just praise. It looks really good.

  3. I love your photobook layout design! The color choice was perfect and really compliments the photos you selected. I think the placement of text you used was extremely effective and keeps the viewers eye moving around the piece. My favorite thing about your layout is the left side of the spread. I think your use of the transparent box was very subtle and effective, and matches the feel of your piece. Excellent job. Stefa did a great job on his layout as well! Check it out at

  4. Love love love your design. The colors match the pictures perfectly. I think the color stands out on the pictures and so does the small box. The topography is also chosen perfectly. I look forward to watching how this book transforms into something even better. Here’s a link to take a look at this photographer I found interesting, for wildlife photos in Idaho

  5. Hey Carissa! This is a great design. The color scheme contrasts really well with the photos, giving your photobook a warmer feel that looks great against the wintry photos. Your fonts are really well chosen too, and the typography adds so much to your design. Adding your logo to the photo spread was also a great idea, one that will definitely inspire me in the future! You did an excellent job, and I’m so impressed by how you arranged everything!
    This is my blog:
    Make sure to check out these projects too:

  6. Hey Carissa you did a great job with this! I really like how professional it looks. Your balance between text, white space, and pictures works together really smoothly. The effect where the text box goes behind the wolf, while apparently easy, looks super good! I’d like to learn how to do that. Here’s a link to my blog for you to check out: Here’s a link to Chris Burkard’s website, he’s one of my favorite outdoor photographers: Here’s a link to Makenzie’s blog too, she’s also in our class:

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