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Motion Photography: Freeze and Blur

This was a fun project. I’ve taken motion freeze shots before, but never motion blur. I found the motion blur photos to be harder than I thought they would be! I think I spent at least 30 minutes trying to get a shot that wasn’t completely blurry.

BlurMotion1 copy
Trippy Monkey– Focal Length: 20mm; SS: 1/25; f/stop: 20; ISO: 100; Canon Rebel T2i

In this picture, my brother Adam was moving the monkey in a circle and I followed the monkey with the camera. I didn’t do a lot of edits on this shot, I just used the unsharp mask filter and used the levels adjustment tool.

BlurMotion2 copy.jpg
The Golden Snitch– Focal Length: 18mm; SS:1/25; f/stop:22; ISO: 800; Canon Rebel T2i

In this picture, I was able to snap a picture of Josh throwing the ball to Adam.  Again, I didn’t do a lot of editing on this picture: just unsharp mask and the levels adjustment tool.

FreezeMotion1 copy
Running Man– Focal Length: 30mm; SS: 1/4000; f/stop: 4.5; ISO: 200; Canon Rebel T2i

In both this shot and the last one, my brother jumped off of the wall of the parking garage. I probably made him jump at least 20 times and by the end of it he said he didn’t think he’d ever be able to jump again. Edits: unsharp mask, levels, and selective color.

FreezeMotion2 copy

Superhero Shot– Focal Length: 18mm; SS: 1/4000; f/stop: 3.5; ISO: 100; Canon Rebel T2i

Edits: unsharp mask, levels, and selective color.



2 thoughts on “Motion Photography: Freeze and Blur

  1. I remember seeing this in class. Really well done Carissa especially on creativity and successfully taking a photo that involved flipping the camera to achieve that blur look for the monkey. I also enjoyed the freeze shots of Adam running and then running up the wall. I found this blog that goes more into detail about the process and had some great shots as well : Keep up the good work!

  2. I really like these pictures. Obviously, if they were used as an example in class, they are pretty good. I think they do a great job at capturing the feel of what going on. Even in the pictures of Adam jumping, he isn’t blurred at all, but you can still tell that he is moving. Even with the blurred ones, you did a great job at keeping the objects of interest in focus. Great job! Check out my blog here:

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