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COMPOSITION – Perspective of 12


This project was new for me. I chose the pool table at my apartment complex as my subject. It was difficult for me to photograph the pool table because the lighting in the game room was pretty bad. I had to use a low shutter speed and a higher ISO to get clear shots. When I do this photoshoot again, I will make sure to pick a subject that I can take photos outside so that I can have more natural light. All of my photos have minimal edits. The last photo is my texture shot. I used the texture of the green pool table to make the fabric look greener in the photo.





Last Shot


Left Pocket
New Game
Right Pocket



5 thoughts on “COMPOSITION – Perspective of 12

  1. Carissa, I really enjoyed your pictures. I liked the shallow depth of field and the clarity of the number on the pool ball. I also really liked the picture of the pool table’s green velvet wrapping around the corner. It looks really good, and the colors are very vibrant. Great job!

  2. Hey Carissa nice work. I don’t know who that guy is in your pics but looks like he’s pretty good. I think that you had some awesome angles. My favorite was the one under the pool table. Nice job! Here’s my blog if you want to check it out: Here’s Makenzie’s blog: This website is to a photographer that I really like, he does some awesome nature shots:

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