Digital Imaging

Macro Photography: Close Up and Personal


Macro photography was a totally new thing for me. I had never tried it before this project, and let me tell you – it’s super frustrating at first. Using the macro extension tubes in class was difficult for me, and most of my pictures didn’t turn out. It was a challenge with the lighting, and my hands shake really bad making it nearly impossible to get a shot that wasn’t blurry. I did get one shot of the toy tiger’s mouth that I could use.

I wasn’t able to check out the extension tubes again and so I ended up renting out a Canon macro lens, 24 – 77mm (and a tripod, hallelujah) to get the remaining shots. I liked using the macro lens better than the extension tubes, but it still came along with its own set of challenges.

I took the remaining shots in my home, with all natural lighting.  I couldn’t decide which shots to include as the minimum four, so I chose seven of my favorites.

“It’s the MOUTH of the tiger…”

Edits: Unsharp mask, levels

Red leader

Edits: Unsharp mask, levels, and curves.

Red and yellow peppers

Edits: Unsharp mask, levels, selective color, and vibrance.

“Artoo, we’re not in Dagobah anymore…”

Edits: Unsharp mask, levels, curves, and selective color.

Red pepper

Edits: Unsharp mask, levels, curves, and selective color

“This little light of mine…”

Edits: Unsharp mask



Edits: Unsharp Mask, levels, curves, and selective color








2 thoughts on “Macro Photography: Close Up and Personal

  1. Carissa, I love that you used legos! I was so tempted to borrow some of my husbands! haha, but I didn’t. I love the picture of Luke and R2D2 in the background, I think you composed that image very nicely! What a fun photoshoot!

    Feel free to check my blog out at:

    Bree did a great job to on this assignment, too:

    Here’s a link to Amazon if you are interested in purchasing some macro tubes for cheap, but good quality:

  2. I love the lego pictures. Well, I love legos for starters, but the up close pictures with the legos are really cool. Even though I am not a huge fan of watermelon, your watermelon picture might be my favorite one. I just love the texture and that water drop on the outside. This website has some cool tips on how to take creative pictures with Legos:

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