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Portrait Photography

CarissaBuys-ADAM12324CarissaBuys-Portraits-Brooke3 copyCarissaBuys-Portraits-Brooke6 copyCarissaBuys-Portraits-BrookeBritt2 copyI loved this week’s focus. I enjoy taking pictures of people, especially candid in-the-moment shots. I learned a lot of things this week, but the main two things were: 1) I have no idea how to pose people for portraits; and 2) Lighting is EVERYTHING! I got really lucky with my lighting. I took my portraits in the greenhouse and in the concrete underpass over by the library. The greenhouse walls acted as a natural diffuser and the lighting in those portraits looks amazing. None of these pictures required a lot of editing. My models were Brooke Hovermale, Adam Buys and Kevin Chidester.

Individual Environmental – Teacher


Individual – Side Composition
Individual – Head and Shoulders
Individual – Head & Shoulders


Group Activity
Group Posed
Individual – Full Body Shot
Portrait Enhancement – Airbrush
Color Replace – After
Match Color – After

2 thoughts on “Portrait Photography

  1. You always do such a great job on your photos, and this week was no exception! Your subjects are all lit very well, and even the blank backgrounds are visually appealing– particularly the concrete background. The way the subject is lit and the bright red of her shirt really makes this photo cool and interesting to look at. I also love the up close of the sunglasses. It is a unique perspective. Great job! Check out this portrait photographer from my town at

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