Digital Imaging

Bannack Ghost Town – Fine Art

The most difficult thing about this aspect of the project was the HDR Bracketing. I finally figured out how to use Adobe Photoshop to do the HDR thing  (File>Automate>Merge to HDR Pro…) But I struggled with that effect because I didn’t think that it looked natural. The other images required very little edits (unsharp mask, and levels) with the exception of the black and white photo. I simply added a black and white filter.


Dried up plant
The Best in Texas
CarissaBuys-Bannack- HouseHDR2
Little House
Room with a View

One thought on “Bannack Ghost Town – Fine Art

  1. You did good this week Carissa. I think that my favorite was the last one. I really enjoyed your use of HDR there. Your photos were really creative! Here’s my blog if you want to check it out: You can also check out my little sister’s blog too! She’s got some great stuff: This website is to a photographer that I really like, he does some awesome nature shots:

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