Stock Photography

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Original Raw Image

This was my original image. I took this photo of a blue/purple gamecube controller in a light box. This original photo wasn’t very good– it was a little underexposed and crooked.

I took the photo into Adobe Photoshop and first tilted the image so that it would look like it was straight. Then I used the Healing Brush tool to take the wire out of the image. I adjusted the levels, curves and selective color adjustment layers to make the image seem more bright and look more like it did in real life. I used the high-pass effect to make the image seem sharper. I also used the healing brush and brush tool to clean up the buttons.

Revised Image

This was how all my first edits turned out. It looks way better but there is still room for improvement. The letter “C” in particular was a little fuzzy in particular. The background could be whiter. I fixed all the background in Photoshop using the Levels tool and to clean and sharpen up the letters I painted over them.


Edited Image

This is my final image. I’m happy with the way that it turned out and it looks way better (cleaner and sharper) than my original image.


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